Writing…and now sharing

So often I have been composing music or writing arrangements of existing music but not presenting them to the world – they just sit on my computer. Some of these I have felt quite proud of at the time of completion so I’m going to start uploading more regularly. Sheet music and audio where possible. Check out my soundcloud on my homepage here for the audio. PDF’s of compositions I have written for fun (not specially commissioned) will be available for free on my Music Writing page.

I have finally got a couple of set-ups for recording and writing music that are both inspiring in their own ways. At home I have a Korg Stage piano hooked up to my iMac recording or composing straight into Logic or Sibelius. Most importantly – thing thing that has transformed this little home studio is a decent desk! The actual studio/office is set up for concentration. No distractions, just a keyboard and mic set-up running into the Mac Pro. Better sound through some old but quality speakers is what draws me there to work – and the tea and coffee making facilities!

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