New Recording: Beethoven Piano sonata no.10 in G Major Op. 14 no 2

The second of the Op. 14 set focuses on Rhythmic redirection particularly in the first and third movements. Where is the first beat of the bar? The lister feels like they know for all to be corrected a few bars into the movement. The special touch Beethoven offers is a ‘correction’ to the theme where the beats line up and the theme at the last second takes on an expressive form rather than the purely humorous form at the beginning.

The second movement is the first appearance of variation form in Beethovens sonata output – a feature that was to become so dominant in his later works. This movement complete with Haydn like comical sudden forte chord to finish! I’m sure this made a few guests jump at the premier as it still does today!

The lively scherzo that makes up the finale is a combination of styles including a fast German dance section as the central point. The op.14 set shows Beethoven fully absorbing and twisting the typical fashionable styles of the day – and he does it with grace and humour!

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