COVID-19 outbreak and Music Lessons

Dear Parents, and Students

I wanted to inform you the steps I am taking and planning to take, if necessary to help with the effort to overcome the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.
For the time being I will be still offering one to one lessons but this is likely to move to online only over the coming days/weeks.
Regarding current in-person lessons:
Personally, I will be washing my hands frequently before and after each lesson and asking each students does the same when visiting my studio. I will also be cleaning the piano keyboard between students.

I will also sanitise the door handles frequently.

Please do not attend lesson if the student or a member of the household exhibits symptoms and I will do the same. These lessons will all be offered at a later time when suitable even if the cancellation is short notice.

I will be including the option of online lessons to replace the existing lessons if any student or parent would like to try this route – it can be quite effective and I have now implemented this for some of my students. It requires no set-up from your end and is simple as following a link on a device capable of opening a webpage and has a camera and microphone (most tablets, smartphones, and laptop computers have these built in)

No-one likes their freedom of movement effected or hindered but in order to protect many of the most vulnerable we come into contact with and in the wider society in general, I feel these steps are essential.

Best Wishes,


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