New Practice Piano

I am delighted with the new piano. With the help of seven priceless volunteers it was transported up the M6. This is my new practice and tuition instrument a Broadwood upright piano from 1935 which I believe plays wonderfully well with a night warm tone and heavy action and is in great condition! Many hours(…)

New Practice Schedule

One of the most challenging aspects of being a self-motivated self-employed musician (though I’m sure it applies to other professions) is finding time to work on your skills and keeping the love of the art. Recently I have rediscovered the passion that made me learn to play back in my teens combined with a firmer(…)

Composing for Theatre

The majority of the last week I have devoted a lot of my free time to composing for a production of Macbeth at one of the local Universities. Rewinding a few months back: the initial brief contained some musical inspiration that the director had started working with as the students began workshopping the show. I(…)

Changing Rehearsal Venues

As I sat listening for parts of tonight’s rehearsal with the Fron Choir, which had to be held in an alternative venue from the normal made me consider the importance of occasionally rehearsing in different venues. It was clear tonight that different things could be heard, some things blended better, some didn’t and the whole(…)

Writing…and now sharing

So often I have been composing music or writing arrangements of existing music but not presenting them to the world – they just sit on my computer. Some of these I have felt quite proud of at the time of completion so I’m going to start uploading more regularly. Sheet music and audio where possible.(…)